Makro Factory Breeze

Dynamic reporting of Service Catalog topics.

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License metric: Per Installation
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Makro Factory Breeze

A breeze – that’s what dynamic reporting in Matrix42 is like with the new Makro Factory Breeze!

Would you like to quickly and easily have all relevant information in view for immediately detecting any critical changes and finding out what’s going on? Do you want to effortlessly identify causes and spot potentials? You can do it with Breeze! Everything is marked with one of two colors: Red = attention! Investigate and take action! Blue = relax, everything is ok!

With Breeze, you have an amazingly powerful and versatile tool at your fingertips for dynamic reporting—eliminating the need to laboriously compile reports by hand. It supports management by turning analyses into child’s play, also dynamically.

Our first Matrix42 add-on can definitely be described as the first truly professional business intelligence solution for the Matrix42 Workspace Management Suite. Our goal in developing it was to go far beyond the reporting capabilities of Microsoft’s reporting services and redefine both how you view your data and the insights you can derive from them.

You naturally also have the option of integrating other data sources (e.g. ERP, HR, or monitoring systems). Please talk to us if you’re interested!

Breeze is a suite of solutions based on Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and the database and integration services of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and later. It eliminates the need for the reporting services of Microsoft SQL Server.

The first version already supports the following Matrix42 modules:

Matrix42 Service Catalog

  • Which IT services are most important to me?
  • How are these services distributed across my enterprise?
  • How are costs internally allocated?
  • These and many other questions are answered.

Matrix42 Service Store

  • Which categories do I most frequently use?
  • Which teams and roles are most commonly involved?
  • What is the breakdown of my support tickets across organizational units, cost centers, or locations?
  • How long on average does it take for my tickets to be resolved?
  • How often are tickets escalated?

Matrix42 Asset Management

  • Basis for planning investments in assets such as computers, printers, or monitors
  • Which units of my enterprise have invested how much in assets?
  • Which units of my enterprise have to invest how much money in order to stay up to date?
  • Which asset models are used longer than planned?

… and many other questions …

Matrix42 Master Data

In many cases, the master data in Matrix42 on employees and the organizational units they are assigned to are the most reliable source of this kind of information within the enterprise. This is because they are consolidated from various sources.

  • Analyses performed here can answer many questions about employees’ organizational affiliations and the completeness of master data.
  • Which employees are assigned to which organizational units?
  • Which information is missing, like when roles are defined but there are no assigned users?
  • Breakdown of employees by gender

Makro Factory Breeze comes complete with more than 100 different dynamic reports for answering these and many other questions.

Our promise to you:

We will consider your suggestions and wishes for additional analyses, and if there is a general need for them we will incorporate them into our solution updates.

Join our next webinar to witness a live presentation of Breeze and see for yourself how it takes Matrix42 reporting to a new level.

Each license for Makro Factory Breeze includes:

  • Makro Factory Breeze for downloading
  • Two concurrent user licenses
  • Unlimited generation of PDF and HTML reports
  • 1 voucher for four hours of remote service for installing Breeze and integrating it with Matrix42
  • 1 voucher for four hours of instruction and training
  • 1 solution data sheet on the prerequisites for installing and using the system

Download the flyer with all updates included in Breeze 1.3 here (English).


Watch our 2 minute video to learn more about Makro Factory BI solutions (German).