Professional License – Bright Pattern Omnichannel Interaction Communication Platform


Bright Pattern’s AI-powered Omnichannel Communication Interaction Platform enables your Matrix42 solution to communicate on all voice and digital channels (chat/SMS/MMS/email/messengers) while providing automated incident creation and resolution, status updates, notifications, automated password reset, and automated routing of all communications.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Per Named User
Manufacturer Bright Pattern


In order to enable the integration between Matrix 42 and Bright Pattern, you must also purchase the Bright Pattern Matrix42 Omnichannel Communications Interaction Platform Connector in combination with one of the three license tiers.

Increase the return on investment of your Matrix42 solution by enabling communication on any channel. Improve employee performance and customer satisfaction with advanced quality management features to improve every interaction and outcome. Bright Pattern is the number one rated platform, with the fastest deployment time in the industry, and has over 500 customers worldwide.

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Included In This Package

  • Everything in Voice Select and:
  • Omnichannel ACD
  • Omnichannel Desktop
  • Email
  • Web chat
  • SMS/text messaging
  • MMS
  • Omnichannel Dashboards
  • Omnichannel Journey History
  • Omnichannel Journey Building

Solutions For Incident Management

Incident management is automated and streamlined with Bright Pattern’s AI-powered ITSM platform. Reduce call volume by up to 30%, reduce hold times by 10-20%, improve customer satisfaction by up to 10%, and boost first call resolution by up to 20%. Here are some of the ways Bright Pattern streamlines incident management.

  • Automated password reset to reduce calls by 30%
  • AI-powered voice self-service for user identification and authentication
  • Automated voice calls to notify clients and agents about incident status
  • Co-browse for faster incident resolution
  • CMDB interrogation of services
  • Automated routing and escalation of incidents to the right personnel
  • Automated attachment of activity history to any incident for quick service

Automate Request Management

AI-powered request management for fast and proactive service to users. Reduce total time required to create a service request by 80% and reduce the number of calls by 20-30%. Here are some ways Bright Pattern makes request management easy and efficient:

  • Automated status updates of service request
  • Proactive notifications to keep users updated about status changes
  • AI-powered self-service to streamline the process
  • CMDB interrogation of services and user relationships

Streamline Problem and Change Management

Streamline problem and change management, and get decisions and implementation done quickly with little interruption. With Bright Pattern’s ITSM platform, reduce call volumes by 60% during an outage or a day of service degradation, reduce change approval time by 75%, and reduce calls to local service desks by 30%. Bright Pattern’s features include:

  • Advanced routing capabilities
  • Automated notification to change
  • Automated notifications to Advisory Board members about change status and change requirements
  • AI-driven speech analytics
  • Automated outbound notification of outage on any channel

Seamless Service Catalog

Get clients and employees access to the Service Catalog easily. Deliver 24/7 access to the Service Catalog and reduce agent-based call volume by 10-20%. Bright Pattern powers Service Catalogs through features like:

  • AI self-service
  • Proactive updates about status changes
  • Automated routing to get users to the right resource quickly

Service Management Contact Center

Improve customer satisfaction in your help desk and empower employees to deliver better customer service. Reduce time to close an incident by 20%, improve customer satisfaction by 10%, reduce agent training by 40%, and calculate accurate CSAT scores on all interactions. Here are Bright Pattern features that help to improve customer service:

  • Voice/self-service IVR conversations
  • Quality assurance for improved customer and agent performance
  • AI-powered agent assistance and bots
  • Fully compliant with best-of-breed integration