Matrix42 UEM Empirum – Packaging Training (English)

training in the packaging technologies of Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management.

The training will be held in english.

Please note: All English-language training courses are held during CET. If you would like to train in a different time zone, write to us at

License metric: One Time
Manufacturer Matrix42 AG


Packaging Training for UEM Empirum


Learning Objectives

You will receive comprehensive training in handling the packaging technologies of Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management. A major component is the creation and adaptation of software distribution packages. You will learn the basics of the Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management script language for flexible and dynamic distribution of your software packages. Using practice-oriented exercises, you will learn how to make use of the full potential with just a few steps. (duration 3 days)

Target Audience

Project managers, workspace or IT administrators, professional users/ technical managers in the areas Help Desk/ IT services


  • Basics of packaging, necessary components, tools
  • Empirum Packaging Center
    • Installation of Packaging Center on the client
    • The Package Wizard, the .ini file, specific options and Diff.inf
  • Package creation (Diff)
  • Integration of a new package into the Software Depot
  • Check installation script Setup.inf
  • Empirum Package Editor
  • Custom actions
  • Tests – installation, functioning, and uninstalling
  • The setup of Setup.inf
  • Package creation (MSI)
    • MSI basics
    • Adobe Reader 11 packaging with the Empirum MSI Transformer
    • Adobe Reader 11 packaging with the Adobe Customization Wizard
    • Package creation (Unattended)
    • Determining the suitable installation type (Diff vs. Unattended)
    • Creating a package using the Package Wizard
    • Package Editor
    • Testing the package
    • Correcting the uninstallation segment
    • Testing the uninstallation
    • Implementing permission changes
    • Changing the default language via the EMC
    • Revisioning and versioning
  • Empirum scripting
  • Packaging Office 2013
    • Customising the installation – Office Customization Tool (OCT)
  • Package Robot
    • Functionality and application scenarios
    • Components of the Matrix42 Package Robot
    • Creation of an installation and an uninstallation script
    • Creation of a Package Robot Empirum package
  • Installation of device drivers
    • PnPUtil
    • PrintUI: Installation of printer drivers
    • Exercise: Installation of a USB printer
    • Exercise: Installation of an IP printer


Previous participation in the Matrix42 UEM Empirum – Administration Training course is highly recommended. Experience with the administration of IT infrastructures.

The training will be held in english. If you like the training to be held in german please klick here.


Variable for each workshop, areas of interest and participants. Wishes can be dealt with in the event of timely registration of participants.

You would like to receive an individual offer for your training? Send a request to

Training Location

Due to the actual situation, all trainings will take place online until further notice.


Matrix42 Trainingscenter Frankfurt
Elbinger Str. 7
60487 Frankfurt


In-House Training at your Location

For in-house training, please contact your Matrix42 customer service representative or send a request to