Client Management (Empirum)

Matrix42 Empirum is a central, user-friendly system that integrates and automates all of the processes and tasks involved in managing physical workplaces, from provision right through to decommissioning.

This membership site includes the following ressources:
  • Current version of Client Management Empirum
  • Current version of Empirum PreBoot Environment EPE 4.x
  • Current version of Empirum SDK
  • Current version of Linux Inventory Scanner
  • Current version of Client Management (Empirum)
  • Current version of Customer management (Empirum)

Current Release

Empirum 17.0 Update 2


  • Windows PE based PreBoot environment
  • UEM Agent Technical Preview
  • Enhanced Patch Management
  • macOS Image Deployment
  • Several general enhancements – see the “New Features” document
  • Bugfixes

Previous Releases

Client Management 2015 SP1 Update3 (Empirum 16.1.3)


Client Management 2015 SP1 Update2 (Empirum 16.1.2)

Release documents
MD5: 5761118d1582a06194b6d6ca4ea548e1


  • New Avira Antivirus Integration (will be provided as an Add-on license)
  • Software Management Enhancements
  • Mac Agent enhancements
  • End user information on software management activities via notification or dialog
  • Users can postpone activities (depends on Agent Template settings and distribution command of packages)
  • macOS “Do not disturb” feature is regarded

Client Management 2015 SP1 (Empirum 16.1) 5/2016


  • Supplied as ISO for new installations or direct upgrade from version 16.0.3 and 15.1.9 to 16.1
  • Advanced integration of Silverback (Unified Endpoint Management)
  • Improved security through a new encryption method (only usable for Empirum infrastructure)
  • Completely rewritten Mac inventory and software management agent components
  • Updated base components: Transition to .NET version 4.6.1 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 update 2 redistributable
  • Support for MS SQL 2016

Technical Previews

UEM Agent Windows 1711 (TP 3)

The Matrix42 UEM Agent Windows is the next level of the well known Empirum Advanced Agent. The focus for this software management agent is to get the best possible user experience. The end user will get a fresh and clean user interface, better options to define when software updates and rollouts should be performed so that software management does not distract or reduce productivity.

    UEM Service for Empirum 1.0.4 (TP)

    UEM Service is an Empirum Software Package which configures an IIS installation to offer a REST API to connect to the Empirum database. This API is used by the UEM Console to execute actions in Empirum. UEM Console is part of the Silverback installation and combines mobile devices from Silverback with computers from Empirum in one interface.


      Client Management 2015 SP1 Update1 (Empirum 16.1.1) 9/2016


      • Enhanced platform support
      • Windows Server 2016
      • Windows 10 Version 1607
      • macOS 10.12 Sierra
      • French as new language support
      • Optimization of performance and usability of the Empirum Management Console
      • Simplified installation of Empirum Depots Services
      • Inventory for Microsoft SQL and Exchange Server
      LTSB is available for premium support customers on request


      Boot Image Upgrade EPE 4

      The latest Linux based PreBoot files for Empirum.

        WinPE Support

        WinPE PreBoot Support is the next step within Empirum OS Installer. It now allows all customers to create their own – Powershell based – packages and using their own tools – pretty similar as creating and using software packages on Windows. Having this flexibility, it gives you more options to realize full featured OS provisioning (e.g. including BIOS settings or updates using vendor specific tools).

          Empirum Software Development Kit (SDK)

          The Matrix42 Software Development Kit (SDK) provides powerful tools (PowerShell libraries and .NET libraries) to communicate with Empirum.

            Matrix42 Replace Computer Tool (SDK Sample)

            This tool is a useful C# example app using the Empirum SDK v1. Source code is provided with the package.
            Have you ever wanted to replace a computer which is assigned in many assignment groups? Want to add a computer which gets exactly the same software as an existing one? This is the tools you need.

              Linux Inventory

              The latest version of the Matrix42 Linux Inventory Scanner

              • RedHat, SLES and Ubuntu support
              • Runs with all supported Empirum Versions

                macOS Components

                The latest version of the Matrix42 macOS Components

                • Software Management Agent
                • Inventory
                • Packaging Tools
                • Runs with all supported Empirum Versions

                  Package Manager