Software Asset & Service Management

Release information and setup images for the products based on the Service Store platform


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  • Current version of Software Asset & Service Management
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  • Technical product documentation

Standard Support Versions

Version 9.0 Update 2 (Build 2268)

Current Hotfix

Version: - Release: 23.08.2018

Previous Hotfix

Version: - Release: 17.08.2018



Software Asset Management

  • First version of Contract Management in UUX
  • Extended pooling in License Management (Legacy UI + UUX)

Service Management

  • Self Service Portal documentation


  • Self-signed PowerShell scripts for installation of REDIST components
  • Proven Security for UUX Architecture
  • Snapshot Isolation for UUX


  • Extended access configuration for previews and dialogs
  • Improved loading performance in UUX with optimized caching
  • New mail engine and designer
  • Improvements based on UUX user interface feedback

Version 8.1 Update 7 (Build 2092)



SolutionBuilder Bugfixes

Technical Preview Version

Technical Preview

Available as of August 16, 2018

For installation on test environments only.

Release Candidate 1 for Version 9.0 Update 3

For installation on test environments only unless approved by Matrix42 product management. Approvals can be obtained with request to

Please note that this is just a pre-release, which must be used on a test system only. We do not assume liability and will not provide any fixes for possible issues or defects! Use this version only on your test or development environment to get the first impression of new and improved features. Use the ‘Feedback’ function in the new user interface to tell us your opinion or share any findings.

Previous Versions

Version 9.0 Update 1 (Build 2177) - Support Expired



New Design for Unified User Experience (UUX) Support for Office365 Data Provider for SAM Preview of Contract Management in UUX Preview of E-Mail Designer in UUX

Version 9.0 (Build 2128) - Support Expired


  • License Management in UUX
  • Configuration of AD Data Provider in UUX
  • Configuration of Silverback Data Provider in UUX
  • Configuration of Data Access Rights in UUX
  • Configuration of Compliance Rules in UUX
  • Configuration of Import Definitions (GDI) in UUX
  • Solution Builder Improvements
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017
  • Bugfixes

Version 8.1 Update 4 (Build 1867) - Support Expired


  • Solution Builder
  • Bugfixes

Version 8.1 Update 3 (Build 1786) - Support Expired


  • Solution Builder
  • Bugfixes

Version 8.1 Update 2 (Build 1712) - Support Expired


  • Solution Builder
  • Bugfixes

Version 8.1 Update 1 (Build 1674) - Support Expired


  • Solution Builder
  • Bugfixes

Version 8.0 Update 3 (Build 1592) - Support Expired


  • Solution Builder
  • Bugfixes

Long-term Support Version (LTSB)

Long-term Support Build - Version 8.1

Customers with an active “Premium Support” agreement may contact Matrix42 Helpdesk to apply for long-term maintenance in writing. This special regulation may be terminated at any time. It automatically ends when the underlying “Premium Support” agreement ends.
Long-term maintenance is only available for product versions with the “LTSB” (Long Term Service Branch) label. Product defects in an LTSB version are fixed within the subsequent LTSB version. Matrix42 supplies hotfixes for critical problems on request for the deployed and supported LTSB version.
Matrix42 provides long-term maintenance for an LTSB product version, starting with its availability and until a subsequent LTSB version is available, but at least for a period of 24 months.
Please refer to the Product Usage Guideline for more details. This document is available for download on the Matrix42 Website under “Terms & Conditions”. Contact your Premium Support Agent for receiving further information.


License Intelligence Service (LIS)

Please copy downloaded file as "LISUpdate.lis" into folder "LicenseManager\Inbox" on your server where Software Asset Management is installed. It will be imported automatically.

Attention: Make sure you have deployed full data set version above before importing this cumulated hotfix!

Version: 27.07.2018

    Prerequisite: Product Version 8.1.1 or higher

    Last update: Today, 4 a.m. CEST

    In general, a new version of LIS data is published at the end of each month. It is therefore sufficient to download and import the full data set once at the beginning of each month.

    The full data set contains the current version of LIS data including all available hotfixes. Please check the publish date to see which data version the file contains.

    The hotfix file contains only cumulated hotfixes for current version. Once you have imported the provided version of the full data set you may download and import the hotfix file if required. As soon as the version of the full data set has changed, use full data set file again to update your local LIS data to current version.

    Oracle Database Compliance

    MyWorkspace Connector

    Enrolling users for cloud applications becomes daily business IT has to manage. Users want instant access to GotoMeeting, Office365 or any other cloud applications right at the moment. The recurring manual process of onboarding (neither offboarding) users for cloud applications is intensive for IT and bumpy for users. With MyWorkspace Connector Matrix42 leverage your existing application and user management to a new level. Users can easily shop cloud applications like GotoMeeting conveniently through their company Service Catalog and provisioning is done automatically without any manual IT interaction but with full control. Users have instant access to the application in MyWorkspace with familiar user experience. And if an employee leaves you can simply offboard the user within seconds.Sounds beneficial? We believe yes, try out our fist incarnations of the vision.

    Office 365 Data Provider

    Make sure you download and install the correct version of the data provider according to the version of Software Asset Management.

    Office 365 Data Provider connects with Matrix42 SaaS Cloud Interface to import subscriptions as licenses and subscribers into Software Asset Management for automatic license requirement creation.

    System Metering

    Matrix42 System Metering supports you identifying how many licenses you need for installed and used software products.

    Download the installer package to your application server, extract and run install.cmd as administrator.

    After installation you will be asked if you want to execute the metering. In addition you find an item in Windows Server start menu (Matrix42 System Metering) that you can use to run the metering at any time. Please note that you may have to run this as administrator.