ScriptRunner for 5 Users – Automation & Delegation for PowerShell

ScriptRunner® is the Automation and Delegation Solution for PowerShell. SMART. SIMPLE. SECURE.

Manufacturer: AppSphere AG


ScriptRunner for 5 Users (Admins & Service-Desk Users*)
– Automation and Delegation for PowerShell.

ScriptRunner® is the Automation and Delegation Solution for PowerShell, developed by AppSphere, and is the answer to the complex challenges of management and automation.
This solution supports administrators, system managers and DevOps teams in the efficient management and fast automation of daily tasks in the administration of systems in the private, hybrid, and
public Cloud.

Ensure a complete control over all PowerShell activities in your team and link ScriptRunner® with third-party systems such as monitoring, ITSM, help desks and rights management, and other applications for cross-system automation in your control cycle.

*The price is for administrators, end users have to be licensed separately.
Running time Term Based License: 3 years.

The key functions presented briefly.

Expand ScriptRunner® with optional interfaces and integrate your monitoring, IT service management, ticketing, rights management system etc. in order to create a fully automated regulatory cycle in your IT operations
Deposit frequently required scripts centrally and activate them for easy use by support staff and the help desk with a button click. All the while, system security is maintained at all times.
Count on execution policies for the execution of scripts in PowerShell, VBS, SSH etc., avoid incorrect execution with Automation and use scripts in the Team.
Measure the performance and success of your scripts using real-time evaluation, graphic analyses and execution histories, and keep an overview of users, user accounts and much more.
Manage scripts, target systems, access and other actions centrally in only one solution. You will benefit from quick traceability and the testing of scripts and their versions for ease of use and validity.
Develop and work on your PowerShell scripts with ISE Integration via check in/out in the central script library. In doing so, you will always retain an overview of tested and authorised scripts, as well as their versions or templates.


  • Advantage of diverse potential for efficiency via the quick automation of IT tasks
  • Reduced expenditure for administrative tasks and corrective measures with PowerShell
  • Holistic and consistent platform for cooperation in the DevOps team
  • Quick development, simple use, controlled execution of PowerShell scripts
  • Secure delegation to help desk, support staff and end users
  • Strict execution and control measures via policies for PowerShell
  • Transparent comprehensibility
  • Error and risk reduction via 100% reproducibility 


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