QR Code Module

Inventory and manage your assets with the help of the QR Code Module from mod IT Services GmbH.


License metric: Device
Manufacturer mod IT Services GmbH


The QR Code Module of mod IT Service GmbH offers you the possibility to create, print and manage QR Codes.

With the purchase of this product you also receive predefined wizards, actions and a new QR Code class including report.

  • Scanning of QR Codes and determination of related information
  • Create assets after you have scanned in a QR Code
  • Assignment of QR Codes to an Asset

The QR Code module integrates with any part of the Matrix42 ESM solution to support your processes the way you need them.

When you purchase the product, we offer you a free day at your location. This day includes arrival and departure as well as overnight costs.  (Only within Germany)