PackageCloud Subscription Small Business Edition

Get the most popular applications pre-packaged for a fixed price.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Installation
Manufacturer Matrix42 AG


You know the problem – you need to rollout a new version of a key business application. Everybody is waiting for it. But nobody has the time to take care of packaging, quality assurance and documentation. Application packaging can be a very time-consuming task and requires experience and know-how, especially because it‘s not an everyday job. The Matrix42 PackageCloud provides a broad range of business-relevant applications as prepackaged software – at a FIXED PRICE!

You can download a list with supported software here.


Key Features

  • Packages for 310+ software products (October 2021)
  • Quality-assured software packages from the German market leader.
  • Easy and fast provisioning of applications as cloud services.
  • A dedicated team takes care of creation, updates and quality assurance.
  • Multi-language packages (German and English versions for all packages, newer packages in French too).
  • Approved and tested platforms – Windows 7 (x86, x64), Windows 8/8.1 (x86, x64) and Windows 10 (x86, x64).
  • Suitable for distributing software via Matrix42 Client Management.
  • Single package for installation, repair and uninstallation – templates can be taken from the PackageCloud.
  • Package customization to address customers individual requirements.
  • Extensive documentation per package.
  • Seamless integration with the Matrix42 product portfolio and support processes.
  • Fixed price for all packages.

Your benefits

  • High reliability and security for rollouts through quality-assured and Matrix42-certified packages.
  • Rapid ROI and significant cost savings through fast rollouts and immediate usage of the Package Cloud.
  • Achieve more in less time by leveraging prepackaged and standardized software packages.

This product is for customers with max. 249 users.

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