Matrix42 Service Management – Workflows 2: Create, Customize, Manage Workflows

This training course will provide you with the skills required to manage and create workflows for Matrix42 Workspace Management, or to customise existing workflows according to your own requirements.

The training will be held in german.

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Manufacturer Matrix42 AG


Matrix42 Service Management – Workflows Advanced Training

for Matrix42 Workspace Management

Learning goals

This product training gives you all the knowledge you need to manage, create, or customize existing workflows for Matrix42 Service Management. This also includes recognizing how the graphical workflow engine is built internally and how the internal elements are managed.

(Training days: Wed.-Fri., 3 days)

As a supplement to this training, we recommend the separately bookable “Matrix42 Service Management – Workflows 1: Workflow Studio Basis”, which takes place directly in front of it. (Training days: Mon.-Tues., 2 days)

Target groups

Specialists, Workspace Management or IT Administrators, ITSM Process Owners


  • Management of workflows (workflows, categories, assemblies, workflow configurations, workflow activities)
  • Workflow migration
  • Activities monitor
  • Target groups of workflows, such as business users, release managers, workflow editors, developers
  • The workflow life cycle
  • The Workflow Designer in detail
  • Manage
    • workflows
    • workflow activities
    • categories
    • workflow assemblies
    • workflow configurations
    • workflows of the previous version
  • Monitor workflows
  • Delivered workflows and templates
    • Templates for provisioning workflows
    • Standard-change workflows
    • Execute workflow from conformity rule
    • Execute workflow from actions
  • Provisioning workflow
  • Change workflow


Practical experience in service store administration and SQL knowledge (understanding and creating SQL statements). Knowledge of the Matrix42 data model. Helpful are Visual Basic and Powershell skills. Prior participation in the trainings of Matrix42 Service Management – Administration Basic Training, Service Management – Administration Advanced Training and Matrix42 Service Management – Workflows 1: Workflow Studio Basis┬áis recommended.


The participant should be able to:

  • Create configuration elements
  • Create data definitions,
  • Using the Solution Builder
  • Configure and design service,
  • Know the database schema,
  • Understand and design processes.

The training will be held in german. For Workflow 2 training held in english klick here.

Training Location

Due to the actual situation, all trainings will take place online until further notice.


Matrix42 Trainingscenter Frankfurt
Elbinger Str. 7
60487 Frankfurt


In-House Training at your Location

For in-house training, please contact your Matrix42 customer service representative or send a request to