Check List Control

The Labtagon Check List Control makes it easy to keep track of complex tasks.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Per Installation
Manufacturer Labtagon GmbH


Labtagon Check List Control

The Labtagon Check List Control is an extension for Matrix42 products. It enables a checklist to be displayed in any configuration element.


The Labtagon Check List Control has the following functions:

  • Progress indicator for a quick overview of how many items on the list have already been completed
  • Change the order of the individual elements
  • Deleting the elements
  • By checking an element, the text is crossed out and the progress indicator changes
  • Can be used in all configuration elements such as ticket, quickcall, computer, person, etc.
  • Can be used in previews or edit dialogues.

The installation package includes the following components:

  • Easy installation via Windows setup and license protection
  • Manual with detailed description of installation and configuration


  • Subdivision of complex tasks into sub-tasks in a checklist
  • Overview of the processing status
  • It’s easy and fun to use

Use cases

  • Select a quick call in the ticket. The elements contained in the Quickcall are copied into the ticket and can be used there directly.
  • For the creation of a contract, you deposit a checklist to query tests such as general terms and conditions and confidentiality

Recommendations for the implementation of this product

Knowledge: Admin Basic and basic layout designer knowledge.

We recommend implementation by a Matrix42 partner or Labtagon. (Average duration approx. 1 day).

You can find further information on our website.

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