Change Object Value (Extended)


Define extended actions to set multiple attributes of one or more selected objects to preconfigured values.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Per Installation
Manufacturer Matrix42 GmbH


The App Change Object Value (Extended) enables one to create generic actions in the Service Management Console.

This functionality allows to change object values of different field types. The new actions can be made available in the context of any object (configuration item).


  • the action can be performed for one or more objects
  • default values can be also defined
  • related objects are selectable
  • more than one attribute can be defined
  • easy configuration
  • the following properties are supported: attribute name, display name, data definition, ASQL default value, read-only and cardinality
  • in addition, the user can determine, which configuration items the action is available for


Installation is done via the Matrix42 Extension Gallery.
The manual can be found here.