Remote Password Reset

Offer secure password reset functionality to service desk and end-users.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Installation
Manufacturer Matrix42 AG
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The App Remote Password Reset offers the possibility to a user who forgot a password to apply for a new temporary password by contacting the service-desk via phone or email. After correctly answering three individualized questions, a workflow will reset the password with a temporary one and send it to the user per mail. The answers are checked internally by the App and are invisible for service-desk members. In the App deployment a workflow is provided that can be used as a template to create the customer workflow that will perform the actual password reset in conformance with the customer’s infrastructure.

  • Greater security for the service-desk operator by ascertaining the identity of the password requester.
  • Convenient reset mechanism for the respective user who forgot a password.
  • Fast resolution of a situation where the password needs to be reset in one or many systems.