C4IT Customer Panel (Per User)

How do your users find out whether there are new announcements or news from the IT department?
With the Consulting4IT customer panel, you keep your users up to date with pop-up notifications! Quick access to important areas in Matrix42 such as your own tickets, the knowledge base, the service store or individual links are also no problem.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Per User
Manufacturer Consulting4IT GmbH


C4IT Customer Panel for Matrix42

How do your users find out whether there are new announcements or news from the IT department? How do they find those services, knowledge base articles or faults that are relevant in the Matrix42 portal? With the Consulting4IT customer panel, you can turn your reactive Matrix42 solution into a proactive service portal.

The Matrix42 Service Portal is the end user’s communication platform with the IT department. The services available to him are offered in the Service Catalog or solutions or statuses for his current fault reports are offered here. The acceptance of each portal is largely dependent on whether the user can find the information relevant to him quickly. The Consulting4IT Customer Panel is the right search engine for the Matrix42 Service Portal. Every user can find the information they need quickly and directly.

Initial situation

Since the typical user does not have to deal with the IT department on a daily basis – and therefore the Matrix42 solution is not always open for him either – the search for the appropriate information or the link usually starts when necessary. Announcements, e.g. about news or global malfunctions, usually go unnoticed by the user if he does not call up the portal every hour.
Some IT help themselves with the workaround of sending each user an email with a link to the announcement – similarly convenient to a pizza delivery boy who sends you a letter by post, in which he indicates that he is at the door.

Solution: Customer Panel for Matrix42
The Customer Panel for Matrix42 is a small satellite in the corner of the user’s screen that opens whenever there are new announcements. This means that the user is proactively informed and does not have to have the Matrix42 portal open all the time.

At the same time, the Customer Panel for Matrix42 acts as a search engine for all information that is personalized for the user in the Matrix42 Service Portal. If he enters a search term, all services, knowledge base articles and faults that are relevant to him are displayed as a result – the trick is a single click.

In addition, the customer panel provides information about the most important parameters of the workstation configuration. In this way, the user can easily provide the employee from the IT department with initial information in the event of support. This includes, for example, the name of the computer so that support immediately knows which device the user is sitting on.

Last but not least, so-called short links lead to frequently required functions of the user in the service portal. This includes, for example, its services or its malfunctions.

Function overview

  • All actions of the Matrix42 service portal in quick access without searching
  • Search engine for end users for the Matrix42 portal
  • A satellite proactively reports new announcements in the service portal without Matrix42 having to be open
  • Frequently required topics for quick access as shortcuts / favorites
  • Shortcuts for frequently used functions of the service portal
  • Announcements / news from IT
  • Hardware / workstation configuration
  • Service catalog and shopping cart
  • Own faults and their current status


Additional Information:
Flat rate up to 500 users: 2500 € per year

How do I get the product?
The client setup file and the user manual are available after purchase. Shortly afterwards, the server installation and a briefing on the product will take place in a joint appointment with Consulting4IT.