Asset Management plus

The Consulting4IT Bundle „Asset Management plus” extends your Matrix42 Asset Management with our Custom Packs “warehouse management”, “rental units” and “consumables / small parts”.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Installation
Manufacturer Consulting4IT GmbH


The Consulting4IT Bundle „Asset Management plus” extends your Matrix42 Asset Management with our Custom Packs “warehouse management”, “rental units” and “consumables / small parts”.

Custom Pack “warehouse management”

  • You want to supply your customers from the nearest warehouse?
  • You want a system that tells you where your stored goods are?
  • You would like to have a suitable device for service bookings suggested by the system regarding age and storage location for delivery?
  • You want to choose a different asset without stopping current workflow?

The Custom Pack warehouse management for Matrix42 extends the standard functional scope of the Matrix42 Asset Management by various functions of a comfortable warehouse management.These include e.g. mapping of different locations for warehouses as well as an allocation of the assets to provided services via the first in first out regulation.It will be defined which warehouse will supply which location.The reservation of assets can be reversed by the additional function “asset exchange”. To document the delivery, the support employee receives a task which automatically contains the correct storage location for collection.

Custom Pack “rental units”

  • You use the Matrix42 Service Store in combination with asset management?
  • You want a comfortable handling of processes for rental units?
  • You want to have a proper documentation of who uses which rental equipment?

The Custom Pack “rental units” for Matrix42 allows you to display the process of dispensing rental units with Matrix42 Asset Management. These include e.g. a calendar with an overview of all rented devices as well as an extension which allows to request an article in the Service Catalog for a specific time slot. Simultaneously with demand of an asset, the support unit gets a task for preparation and reversal of the asset.

Custom Pack “consumables / small parts” 

  • You would like to capture partly automated small parts and consumables in a large number in Matrix42 asset Management?
  • You want to delete small parts and consumables per consumption from asset management?
  • You want to determine which warehouse supplies consumables to which location?

The Custom Pack for Matrix42 offers a variety of simplifications and enhancements for Matrix42 Asset Management in handling consumables and small parts. The detection of consumables becomes easier, because small parts are no longer applied individually and the set of parameters has been significantly reduced. Like standard assets, consumables / small parts are requestable from the Service Catalog.  Inventory monitoring e.g. for reorders are integrated, too. With delivery task small parts have the status “reserved”.  After delivery, small parts are deleted for a better overview in asset management.